Are you keeping up with software development?

DotNetRocks, the internet talkshow for .Net developers, has a great show about development changes over the past 20 years. Carl Franklin interviews Kathleen Dollard, who has put a list of changes together, and is publishing them online.

If you want to know where you currently stand in your software development, you want to listen to this show. You might even want to take notes.

If you are recruiting developers, you also should listen to this show. You could use very effectively it to find out what kind of people you are interviewing.

The first 10 of 60 items on Kathleen’s list of changes are:

  1. Parallel entities
  2. N-Tier
  3. Sheer magnitude
  4. Application code generation
  5. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
  6. Semantics and canonical messages
  7. Workflow
  8. Rules engines
  9. Aspect oriented programming
  10. Impact of libraries

Every software developer or architect should know at least a little about each item on this list. If you don’t, maybe you could use this to pull your career up a level.

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